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søndag den 29. august 2010

Firefox add-ons that makes my lazy life possible.

Here im first and foremost talking about, firegestures. Would you fuck me sideways and call me sally if that ain't a sweet addon. I can now fully surf without the use of my left hand. eu-fucking-reka!
Secondly to compliment the awesomeness of firegestures, fast fucking dial! because who the fuck uses bookmarks nowadays?! its the shiznit i shit you not! it transforms the about:blank page to a bookmark page with fucking screenshots of the bookmarks! so when you open a new tab with firegestures, you can easily open the page of your choice, im guessing porn, with your right hand on the mouse and left hand on the snake. fuck me if that isnt just fan-fucking-tastic!

Slowpoke is a half salamander/half hippopotamus creature known as the "Dopey Pokémon." The name is derived from the word "slowpoke", an insult directed at a lazy or sluggish person. This usage has then been reversed, using the Pokémon as a metaphor for such a person in the real world. The Slowpoke character is slow at moving and thinking, and has two separate evolution options.
Slowpoke, as its name suggests, is a very slow-witted creature, and requires lots of patience to tolerate it. They are skilled at fishing using their tails, but they are so easily distracted and so unresponsive to pain they may not notice a bite for a day. Slowpoke tails drip an odd syrup-like fluid which many fish are attracted to. Slowpoke's evolution is based on the Pokémon, Shellder. If a Shellder clamps onto a Slowpoke's tail, it will evolve into Slowbro. Its other evolution, Slowking, occurs when a Shellder clamps onto its head while holding a King's Rock.

So i heard you like slowpoke

This blog is dedicated to the lovely pokemon Slowpoke.

It's just lovely!
I want to rub it on my body!
follow me if you have the same desires :D
and i will give you some 34 on slowpoke later on

I like Turtles

Fuck yeah!